School uniform plays a valuable role in contributing to the ethos of our College. It supports positive behaviour and discipline and encourages identity with the school.

As many of you are aware a transition has taken place in relation to our school badge. Year 8 students starting in September 2017 will be the first year group to have the new uniform as compulsory. The rest of the year groups will remain in the current uniform for 2017–2018.

From September 2018 onwards, the new school uniform will be compulsory for every student. Uniform at Hazelwood is compulsory and all students should wear their uniform with pride. Wearing a uniform ensures pupils of all races and backgrounds feel welcome. It promotes inclusion and good relations between different groups of pupils. Pupils in breach of the Uniform Policy will be dealt with in the first instance by a member of staff, their Form Tutor, Head of Year or Assistant


Junior/Senior School Uniform

• Navy blazer
• White shirt (shirts should be tucked in)
• Junior/Senior School Tie
• Navy v-neck jumper with blue and white stripe
• Black trousers with black belt (boys)
• Navy knee-length box-pleated skirt (girls)
• Plain black leather shoes (no trainer style or canvas shoes)
• Black socks (boys)
• Navy socks/navy tights (girls)
• Plain Black/Navy overcoat

junior uniform

Upper School Uniform

• Maroon blazer
• White shirt
• Upper School Tie
• Navy v-neck jumper with maroon and white stripe
• Black trousers with black belt (boys)
• Navy knee-length box-pleated skirt (girls)
• Plain black leather shoes
• Black socks (boys)
• Navy socks/navy tights (girls)
• Black/Navy overcoat

senior uniform

PE Kit for Boys and Girls

(can be purchasedONLY from the PE Department)
• College PE shirt (with badge)
• Navy shorts
• College socks
• White trainers
• College tracksuit (optional)
• Football boots (optional)

Pupils representing the College must show excellence in the standard of their uniform.

pe uniform


Hairstyles for both boys and girls should be consistent with health and safety: tied back if long. Synthetic braids are not permitted. No extremes of hair colour or style are allowed, to include full or part shaving of the head. Plain hair bands may be worn but only of a matching colour to uniform.


Make-up must not be worn from Years 8 to 12, including false eyelashes and nails. Sixth Form make-up should be discreet and appropriate for a school environment.

Nail varnish should be clear.


One small stud may be worn in the earlobes only. No stretchers or ear bars. No facial piercings on upper ear, eyebrows, nose, chin or mouth are allowed for health and safety reasons. A wristwatch may be worn but no bracelets or rings. A single chain with an item of jewellery, e.g. representing the religious symbol of a student’s faith (such as a cross), is permitted but must be discreet. Jewellery must be removed for PE.

Unacceptable Footwear

Please bear in mind when purchasing school shoes that the footwear below is NOT considered suitable.

No visible logos, trainer-style shoes or shoes made with canvas material.


Enforcement of the Policy

It is the responsibility of the School Leadership Team and staff to monitor and enforce the uniform as part of the day to day running of the school. Parents have the responsibility to ensure that their daughter/son comes to school in the correct uniform.

In the first instance, the Form Tutor should deal with any minor breach of the uniform policy. A message could be sent home via: a note in the student’s homework diary, a letter home or a phone call.

Subsequently the student will be referred to the Head of Year.

Finally, the student will be sent to the relevant Vice Principal or Assistant Principal who will, if necessary, send the student home to change or provide a temporary uniform.

In the case of jewellery and other accessories which infringe the policy a member of staff will ask the student to remove the item. It will be taken to the General Office and may be collected at the end of the school day.

The Assistant Principals and Senior Leadership Team will be the final arbiter in all matters of uniform and dress. Pupils may raise issues with their tutor.

Review of Policy

The Uniform policy will be reviewed annually.


All items of uniform (except PE kit) can be purchased at a reasonable price from our uniform outlet:

The Sports Company                                                                                      Kays Corner
Yorkgate Shopping Centre                                                                            295 Shankill Road
Telephone: 028 9035 1917                                                                            Telephone: 028 90581771