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Our fist meeting was really successful and we had lots of ideas about how to make the school a ‘greener’ place. We made an Environmental Audit to give out to every form class. This gave us an idea about what environmental issues we could tackle in school.

The results of our audit showed that we have a lot of waste that isn’t recycled.

We came up with an Eco Code for our school that everyone can remember…

‘Don’t dump your bottles, paper or food, we recycle in Hazelwood!’

We hope to have this displayed in every classroom

We got to work on this straight away by ordering new cardboard and tin recycling bins for our canteen. Miss McStravick is also starting to compost food waste in her classroom.

We got involved in the European week for waste reduction (17th-23rd November) by promoting our ‘Cash for Clobber’ campaign. The year 8 Science classes also made some really interesting pieces of junk art from recycled objects.

We also hope to reduce our energy usage by taking part in ‘Switch off fortnight’. We have little stickers beside light switches to remind us all to turn off lights if we don’t need them. Recycling reps from each class have been secretly monitoring teachers’ classrooms to see if they are turning off their projectors / lights and monitors when they don’t need them!

You can find our Action Plan on our school website for more information. We will keep you posted on our progress!


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