Criteria for Admission into Year 8


Admissions Criteria for Entry of Pupils to Year 8 in September 2016

Hazelwood Integrated College is an all-ability, co-educational, integrated school.

The Board of Governors seeks to maintain a reasonable balance between Catholic and Protestant students as outlined in the statement of principles of the Northern Ireland Council for Integrated Education.

The Board of Governors delegates to an Admissions Committee, consisting of the Principal, Vice Principal and two governors, the responsibility for applying the College admissions criteria in the selection of Year 8 students. The Special Educational Need Co-ordinator will join the Admissions Committee for SEN applicants. Selections are approved by the Board of Governors.

In order to maintain a reasonable balance the College admissions criteria is applied separately to applicants from Protestant and Catholic backgrounds. 30% of places are reserved for ‘others’ who may be from a mixed tradition background, from a different religious/ethnic grouping, or from those of no religious affiliation.

Prospective parents need to complete a Student Information Form indicating which category they want their son/daughter to be included in and which criteria he/she meets. A Hazelwood College Student Information Form can be obtained on request from the College.

All relevant information must also be included in Section B and Section C on the Transfer Form to enable the Committee to apply the criteria fairly. This should include the category the child belongs to, family connections with school and type of school; integrated, single-sex, co-educational.

The Board of Governors reserves the right to seek confirmation of any information supplied.

The following criteria will be applied separately to each category:


Admissions Criteria



Pupils who place Hazelwood Integrated College as first preference.

Transfer Form completed by Parent/Guardian


Pupils who have/had a brother/sister or foster brother/sister at the College.

College Roll


Pupils who attended Hazelwood Integrated Primary School.

Primary School Roll


Pupils who attended a grant maintained/controlled Integrated Primary School.

Primary School Roll


Pupils who are the eldest eligible child in the family.

Transfer Form


Pupils whose parent/guardian attended Hazelwood Integrated College.

College Record


Pupils whose parent/guardian is/has been a member of the Board of Governors of an integrated college or who has been employed directly by Hazelwood Integrated College during the last five years.

College Employment Records


Pupils who have/had a brother/sister or foster brother/sister at another integrated college.

College Records


Other pupils.