Google Classroom Information

Thank-you for your ongoing support for the College during the last few months. We recognise that this has been a very challenging time for parents and are grateful for your patience. As we move forward, we are seeking to ensure that we are well-prepared for any future potential disruption to learning and have taken steps to have all staff trained in the use of Google Classroom- an E-Learning platform which is easily accessible on any computer or device with internet access. Google Classroom lets teachers share work, create assignments for pupils to complete online and enables staff to provide feedback on the work submitted. Pupils can also ask their teachers questions about the work set.

Some teachers will be using Google Classroom regularly with pupils on their return to school. As part of their induction sessions, all pupils at the College will go to a computer room to get logged into Google Classroom where they will have its functions demonstrated to them by a member of staff. They will also be provided with a pupil instruction booklet to keep, showing them how to use it. This instruction booklet is available to you here. Pupils will record the Classroom codes given to them by their teachers into their homework diaries and, in time, we hope to have the list of codes available digitally.

Below are two links you may find useful to familiarise yourself how Google Classroom works and its benefits for your child. If you have any questions, please contact the school via the general office and a relevant member of staff will get back to you.


Mrs Maltman

Leader for Teaching and Learning


Instructions on how to access Google Classroom at home.