The Irish Youth Foundation visited Hazelwood Integrated College on Friday and pupils presented Virginia with a signed copy of the music composed by Barry Douglas and written by Michael Longley poet.

The Irish Youth foundation helps fund projects like Harmony North, Bar Mock Trials and our Student Internship Programme at the College and we were delighted to host our visitors from IYF.

Left to Right (Front)
Sasha Hornby, Internship student, John McCormick , Ni Representative Irish Youth Foundation, Linda Tanner, Head of Operations Irish Youth Foundation along with Virginia Lawlor, Trustee of the Irish Youth Foundation, Claudia Marshall, Bar Mock Trial student, Katie Mulvenna, Bar Mock Trial and Internship student.

Left to Right(Back)
Ms Donna McKenny, Head of music, Ms Joanne Quinn, Coordinator of Bar Mock Trials, Mrs Kathleen O’Hare (Principal), Mr Maurice Fitzsimons (Vice-Principal), Mrs Jill Nesbitt, Internship Coordinator.