This year’s NI Science Festival, are running a one-day taster, a mini zoo academy, where participants can see how science is used in the zoo to look after and conserve endangered animals.

This is a great opportunity for any students with interests in animals and will help them to take a first step towards, what to many will be a dream career.

Event: Science behind the zoo (part of the NI Science Festival 2018)
Date: Saturday 17 February and Saturday 24 February 2018The zoo is a great place to work (even if we do say so ourselves) and there are many varied and meaningful career paths within the field of animal care, welfare and conservation.

Being a zoo keeper is so much more than just shovelling poo and hanging out with animals every day! Species around the world are increasingly threatened, with populations dramatically declining on a daily basis. The survival of these endangered species is increasingly dependent on the sustainability of zoo populations. Here at Belfast Zoo we take part in more than 60 global and collaborative breeding programmes. To ensure successful breeding we rely on the knowledge and skills of the keepers and veterinary team to keep the animals healthy and happy, while also understanding their behaviours. Wildlife conservation is at the heart of everything that we do and key to this is science.

Over 90 per cent of our animal care team are qualified in the science behind animal care, health, behaviour, nutrition and much more.

We know what a challenge it is to decide on your career path or to get your first step on the career ladder. If you are aged between 15 and 18, come along for a half day taster of life in the zoo, meet some of team including keepers, curators, educators, veterinary staff and get some hands on experience including the chance to go behind the scenes and also to create some enrichment items to support the mental well-being of our animals.