Post 16 Pastoral Team

In Post 16 our main aim is to empower our students to achieve their potential and to make informed and responsible decisions throughout their lives.  As a pastoral team we provide a happy, caring and safe environment for our young people to thrive, grow and develop into life-long learners.  We promote a sense of community, build confidence and self-esteem, recognise effort and achievement and maintain good discipline.

Post 16 are supported through their Final Years at Hazelwood Integrated College by a support network made up of Tutors and Head of Year.

Head of Year: Mrs Maynes

13AML: Ms McLaughlin

13JQ: Ms Quinn

13LDY: Mrs Dynes

13GB: Mr Brown

13KC: Mr Coyle/Mrs Collen

14AMT: Mrs Maltman

14FH: Mr Hagan

14HD: Mrs Donnan

14SB: Ms Brown