Head Boy and Girl Application

Please fill in the application form below and submit by Wednesday 8th June 2022 at 12pm. The interview panel will allocate successful students to Head Boy / Head Girl of Senior School and Head Boy / Head Girl of Junior School.
First reserve candidates will be offered Deputy Head Boy and Head Girl posts for Junior and Senior School. In total there are 8 posts.
*Successful reserve candidates may be offered prefect posts

Click here to view the Roles and Responsibilities document

Explain why you wish to become Head Boy/Head Girl and what skills/qualities you would bring to the role. Give specific examples.

What contributions have you already made to Hazelwood Integrated College?
(Give specific examples: positions of responsibility, sport, music, drama, clubs, etc.)

Outline the activities/clubs/organisations you're involved in outside of school. Give specific examples

What do you consider the main challenges for Head Boy / Head Girl in 2022-2023? Give specific examples.

Please give the names of two members of staff who are in support of your application: